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MARFA MAGIC's seedbombs were inspired by Gordon Matta Clark, although known for his urban architectural interventions, he is the founder of the term 'guerrilla garden'. We see these seedbombs as acts of environmental intervention activating spaces that have been abandoned or neglected while providing healthy and beautiful habitats for the bees and the butterflies, creatures we humans couldn't exist without. The seedbombs are tools for the community activist, or world activist, or anyone who cares about the planet Earth we live on. With the Marfa Magic Mists, we believe in the power of scents to manifest change in your mood, your mind and your life. In Marfa the senses are sharpened maybe because the clarity of the light and the minimal surroundings. For us, Marfa embodies magic on many levels. We see the magic in the everyday, especially in Marfa.  Everything we create truly is infused with and embodies that magic and intrigue we feel for the natural world around us everyday.

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